Expression of Anxiety through Photography

Posted on 09/18/2014 12:13:00 PM

John William Keedy is a photographer and deals with an anxiety disorder. He created a series titled It's Hardly Noticeable. He explains that the title of the series comes from his impression that he was keeping his disorder from others--that  others could hardly tell that he had a problem. 

But looking back, it was obvious. 

At this link you'll find an interview with Mr. Keedy at NPR. 

At this link, you'll see the full set of images. Take the time to read the artist statement, as well. 

 Here's my favorite quote from the interview: 

"The photograph that's the most personal and that makes me the most nervous is the one with the doorbell with the thumbtacks on it. When my anxiety was at its worst, I had this really conflicted relationship with other people.

I really wanted to be in contact with my friends and my family, but there was something physically just keeping me back from it. A friend would call, and I'd just stare at the phone. I'd really want to answer it, and I felt I couldn't. There was something keeping me from doing that.

So the doorbell image really sums up that feeling. You know, the doorbells work, and the lights are on inside. But in order to use them, you have to go though this really physical pain."

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