Schizoid Personality Disorder

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Schizoid Personality Disorder: What Is It, and How Is It Treated?

Schizoid Personality Disorder: What Is It, and How Is It Treated?

Schizoid Personality Disorder makes people indifferent to human relationships. They express a few emotional experiences and expressions. People with the disorder hardly feel like anything is wrong with them. Although these people usually function, they have social and emotional detachments and cannot create close relationships.

People with the disorder are typically loners and prone to excessive daydreaming. They also tend to form attachments to animals and perform well as night security personnel at solitary jobs.

Signs and Symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder

Signs and symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder entail:

Schizoid Personality Disorder
  • Aloofness and detachment
  • Lack of desire to form, maintain or relish close relationships
  • Trouble with self-expression
  • Little motivation with life goals
  • Almost always choosing solitary activities
  • Avoiding social activities that involve contact with other people
  • Lack of close relationships apart from with immediate relatives
  • Exhibits little or no observable mood changes

The cause of the disorder is unknown, but people who come from families with illnesses on the schizophrenia spectrum are at a higher risk. It suggests genetic susceptibility to developing the disorder.

How Schizoid Disorder is Diagnosed

When you have the above symptoms, your doctor will begin an evaluation by performing a complete medical history assessment. A physical exam may also be necessary, and various diagnostic tests. These will rule out other physical illnesses as the reason for the symptoms.

Depending on the outcome, your doctor may refer you to a counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. These professionals have special training to diagnose and treat mental disorders.

When to Get Help for Schizoid Personality Disorder?

In most cases, people with schizoid personality disorder only seek medical help for a related problem like depression. However, if you or a loved one exhibits the above symptoms, a visit to a mental health professional might help.

Therapies Available for Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder

When people with schizoid personality disorder seek treatment, psychotherapy is the most common form of treatment administered. This therapy is a form of counseling that focuses on increasing general coping skills and improving self-esteem, communication, and social interaction.

Trust is an essential component of therapy, making treatment challenging for the therapist. People with the disorder find it hard to form relationships that require trust and opening up with others. Social skills training is also a crucial component of treatment.

A therapist may prescribe medication if someone suffers from other psychological issues like depression.

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