Will My Depression Ever Go Away?

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Will My Depression Ever Go Away?

Depression can often feel like a thick fog engulfing your brain and emotional processes. Things may feel hopeless, and life is simply marked by an incessant sadness. Many people who suffer with depression often wonder if it will ever go away.

In addition, some may wonder if depression does go away, will it come back? These are all normal experiences, and you are not alone in feeling this way. The good news is the proper treatment can inhibit depression. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

There are several symptoms of depression and they can vary in severity. Often, there is a feeling of increased fatigue and decreased energy. Other symptoms include a feeling of hopelessness, insomnia, loss of interest in activities, overeating, loss of appetite, persistent aches, sadness, anxiety, irritability, and even thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts.

There are also many causes such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, major events, genetics, death, specific medications, substance abuse, major life events, serious illnesses, and more. But, there is hope as depression can be treated effectively.

Depression Cannot Go Away By Itself

Some believe depression will go away by itself. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Depression is a mental health condition which requires treatment. In fact, the symptoms could worsen if left untreated. As a result, it is vital to seek and receive treatment to prevent symptoms from getting worse.

Also, there is good news in knowing that depression is one of the most treatable mental health conditions. Many patients respond positively to a combination of medication and psychotherapy. The important thing to remember is treatment time can vary, and you should stay the course until your doctor recommends it is safe to stop treatment.

There May Be A Relapse

Depression relapses can occur, and there isn't a single answer as to the many reasons why. For some people, the stresses of life can re-initiate depression. Other triggers can come in the form of unexpected family emergencies and more. This is especially true with dormant depression symptoms that can flare up in difficult situations.

Yet, other causes for relapse may include a premature discontinuation of depression treatment. For instance, patients may feel better and stop treatment before they are fully cured.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is hope despite the feeling of hopelessness. If you do exhibit symptoms of depression, it is always recommended to seek treatment immediately.

If you suspect that you or a loved one might need help with depression, our team of licensed professionals here at MidValley Healthcare are here to help. We work with clients on an individual basis to achieve a happier, healthier life. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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