3 More Apps

Posted on 12/30/2015 09:42:00 AM

I have three more apps you might be interested in. The first is called ReliefLink.  It has several relapse prevention planning features in one app. 

1. Mood tracking plus suicidal thoughts. If the mood is low or suicidal thoughts are present, the app links to your previously made safety plan or other in app resources. 

2.  Relaxation Exercises (relaxation and mindfulness)

3. Relaxing Music--just hit play and you will hear calming music. Reallllly calm. It's soft so I think it might be better with headphones.

4. Tweets the app has written that link to mental health related topics. 

5. Safety planning. Identify your warning signs, make self-coping strategy reminders, list places you can go to distract yourself, friends and family you can ask for help, providers you can call, and making the environment safer. 

The second app is called Stop, Breathe and Think. This is a great app that starts with asking you to check in with yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Based on your answers, it gives you apps that might be helpful. 

In addition, there is a section called Learn How to Meditate which is just that. There are 15 free meditations and others you can purchase. There is also a way to track your progress. 

The third app is called Moodtrack Diary and unfortunately this one costs .99.  This is for the people who live their lives in social media. You can follow people, and/or be followed. Or, you can set your account to private. I am not sure how helpful following others would be. The last few times I have looked, the posts range from banal to deeply upsetting/scary when others are not doing well. So, buyer beware in that regard. However, I think perhaps if you had yourself set to have your support people follow you, with the knowledge they don't always check so this is not the first place to reach out for help, it might be an easy way to communicate what is going on. 

The thing I like about this app is you can post multiple times a day, write your mood, and your thoughts. Then you're asked to rank your mood on a five point scale worst to best. You can see your mood over the past 12 months, which I think is helpful to share with your providers. 

Hope you find these helpful.