Convenient New App

Posted on 04/03/2014 08:18:00 AM

NPR's Health Blog had an article about mental health apps I thought I'd share. The app described in the article called ReliefLink is the one I found particularly helpful and user friendly. 


Despite a few problems (see below) with the app, what I like about it is that several features that are on a variety of apps already listed on our Resources page are combined in one app. For example, there are several relaxation exercises, there is a Twitter feed to articles about mental health, daily mood logs (a place to record your mood and if you have any suicidal ideation), alarms or reminders for things like therapy appts, or medication, and section I really like on creating your own safety plan (warning signs, self-coping strategies, places I can go to distract myself, friends who I can call, my providers, and making the environment safe). 


There are a few features I couldn't get to work but that may be because I haven't set up my personal information in it yet. Despite that, this app is very beneficial and think it would be helpful to most clients. If you decide to use it and can get everything to work, please share your knowledge and leave a comment below.