Want to be happier?

Posted on 09/29/2014 12:12:00 PM

On our Resources page you'll find an app called Happier. For awhile the app had courses you could purchase. They still have some you have to pay for, but many of them are now free. 

One free 10 day challenge (course) is called Attitude: Gratitude. The topics are as follows:

What Makes You Happier

The One Thing Happiest People Have in Common

Savor the Sweet Things

Creating Your Daily Gratitude Ritual

How to TurboCharge Your Gratitude Ritual

The Little Huge Things to Appreciate in Every Single Day

The Gratitude of Anticipation

10 Ways to Be Kind to Someone Today

The Awesome Power of a Gratitude Reset

A Gratitude Reminder to Your Future Self

While much of what we do in counseling seems to be about moving people from more impaired, more depressed, more anxious to less impaired, depressed or anxious, you might find that focusing on gratitude is an excellent adjunct to your current treatment program.