Cigarette Smoking is Now Linked to More Diseases

Posted on 02/16/2015 11:03:00 AM

Last week the New England Journal of Medicine released a report on the risks of smoking. In addition to the diseases long known to be related to smoking, there were many others that showed a link to smoking. 

Among these were renal failure, hypertensive heart disease, infections, various respiratory diseases, breast and prostate cancers. 

If you would like help to quit smoking, please talk to your provider, or go to  Project Filter is Idaho’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Project Filter works to educate the public about the resources available to help individuals quit using tobacco. You can call 1 800 QUIT NOW to get more information. The program provides nicotine replacement (gum, lozenges, patches) and provides coaches to help you not just quit, but become a non-smoker.

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