Holiday Depression and How to Treat it with TMS

Posted on 12/03/2017 11:09:00 AM
Holiday Depression and How to Treat it with TMS

Now that the holidays are here, it's important to recognize the specific impact that the Christmas season can have on us. While many people associate the holidays with positive emotions like happiness or the joy that comes with being around loved ones, the Christmas season can be an emotionally painful period for many people. In fact, Psychology Today reports that Christmas is the period during which many people experience depression. The season is also marked by a high incidence of attempted suicide and suicide reports. Additionally, many mental health professionals and psychologists report significant increases in patients stating that they are depressed. In light of these realities, it's important to gain more information regarding the underlying causes of holiday depression and how it can be treated. Read on to learn more about this important issue:

Why People Get Depressed During the Holidays

As many psychological experts know, there are numerous reasons why individuals might find themselves feeling depressed during the holiday season. One reason is that the dark winter weather can result in Seasonal Affective Disorder. In addition to struggling with the physiological shifts engendered by the changing weather patterns, there are a wide range of psychological issues that can come up during the festive season. One of them is the fact that Christmas tends to be a heavily commercialized season. The overemphasis on gifts can leave many people feeling alienated or inadequate if they do not have the capital necessary to buy elaborate, expensive presents for their loved ones.

Another reason that individuals might get depressed during the Christmas season results from the fact that this time period can lead to excessive rumination or self-reflection. In many cases, the reflections take on a decidedly negative slant which involves comparing the self to others who appear to have or do more. Yet another reason that the Christmas season can metabolize depression results from the perception that the holiday involves the expectation that one will want to spend extended time with friends, family members, or acquaintances. In reality, many people dread these social interactions due to things like long-standing family feuds or disparate lifestyle choices that make sustained socialization awkward or unfulfilling.

Risk Factors and Symptoms

There are several risk factors that can make an individual more susceptible to holiday depression. Some of them include:

• anxiety
• unrealistic expectations
• fatigue
• financial stress
• over commercialization
• a perceived inability to deal with the demands placed upon them during the holidays

Some of the symptoms of holiday depression include:

• headaches
• overeating
• excessive drinking
• insomnia

What is TMS Depression Therapy?

Although holiday depression can put a big damper on one's well-being and the festive season, it's important to know that solutions abound. One of them is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This form of therapy involves using a targeted pulse magnetic field to stimulate regions of the brain that have become underactive due to the depression. The magnetic field used in TMS is similar to what medical professionals would use in an MRI machine.

Summing It All Up

The professionals of MidValley Healthcare know that holiday depression can have a negative impact on the individual's psyche and ability to connect with others in an authentic, healthy manner. As such, they are pleased to provide patients with TMS to help mediate and limit the experience of negative emotions associated with depression. Contact the professionals of the company now so you can maintain the mood stability and well-being that will make the holiday season memorable and marvelous!

If you or someone you love needs help battling depression, you are not alone! Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

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