Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

Posted on 10/15/2017 12:38:00 PM
Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

Dealing with an alcoholism disorder begins by evaluating its extent; some people are mild drinkers while others are high functioning alcoholics. Casual or mild drinking is manageable, and it does not require much intervention. High functioning alcoholism, on the other hand, needs special attention. Determining the level of alcoholism is assessed by identifying the signs.

Symptoms of High Functioning Alcoholics

High-functioning alcoholics prioritize drinking; these people are comfortable replacing meals with alcohol. Some will even use meal times as an excuse to drink. When you talk to them about the problem, they deny having one. A major excuse they use is their ability to “make choices.” They believe they are in control because they choose: to drink at a certain time, the situation, the place or certain brands of alcohol.

A day without drinking causes changes such as discomfort, irritability, and nervousness. High-functioning alcoholics are dependent on alcohol, and it's impractical for them not to drink. Other physiological reactions include sweating, fast pulse rate, and some may even convulse. These are the reasons behind why they prioritize alcohol. After drinking, these individuals may also change their normal behavior to something else; for instance, a quiet person may suddenly become noisy and aggressive.

Once a high-functioning person begins drinking, it is hard for them to stop. They consume alcohol excessively, resulting in periods or memory loss. After sobering up, they usually have no recollection of what happened in the recent past. Some may not blackout, but they will certainly lose their memory. In addition to denial of having a problem, they always have an excuse for why they had to drink.

On the other hand, casual drinking entails more control of alcohol intake; casual drinkers do it occasionally and in small quantities. They will do it for social, celebration or relaxation purposes, and usually, some friends or other people are mainly involved. Being a casual drinker does not mean you do not stand a risk of becoming an alcoholic, always be perceptive and in control of your drinking.


Risks of casual drinking may not be many apart from overindulging if one becomes irresponsible. High-functioning, however, entails several risks. Depending on alcohol to go through the day, may cause disasters at work or elsewhere; for instance, a drunken surgeon will risk the life of a patient. Alcoholism, also comes with health issues such pancreas, liver, heart, and respiratory diseases. Alcohol problems are commonly known to cause disputes and conflicts in families. Priority of alcohol renders them irresponsible and negligent to their obligation. Others even lose their jobs because of alcoholism.

If you are a high functioning alcoholic, you do not have to struggle with this problem. Save your life by accepting to recover and heal.

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