Improve Sleep with CBT

Posted on 03/03/2014 10:51:00 AM

About 10% of the general population struggles with falling and/or staying asleep. When dealing with a mood disorder or anxiety, the numbers are even higher. Fortunately, there are medications to help with this problem. But, even with medication, people can struggle to get the sleep they want and need. 


I recently came across this article on NPR's website about improving sleep through CBT. While I have used CBT for insomnia in the past, what I really liked about this article is the link to an app which helps you track  your habits, provides information about how to make behavioral changes, and has assessments for evaluating if your sleep is getting better or worse and what to do about it. Thisfree app was created by the Veterans Administration in order to help vets with PTSD manage problems with sleep.


If you're struggling with sleep, give this app a try, and share your data with your medical provider.

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