Have Panic Attacks? Ask Your Loved Ones to Watch This Video

Posted on 03/19/2014 08:09:00 PM

When you're in the midst of a panic attack, it may be difficult to communicate with friends and family what exactly you need in order to feel better. There are many articles about this topic. Here is one video I found on YouTube which is short and pretty direct, and truly, I just liked her accent. 


Ideally, this is a video you can share with your loved ones when you're not having panic. This video can open a discussion when you're at a calm time about what is most helpful to you. For example, you might say "Sometimes I get so panicky I forget to get out my self-soothe kit so remind me to try that" or, "Going for a walk with me is really good but I hate to impose on you, so just offer that if you're able to go with me at that time". Or, you might give your loved one permission to ask you if you've taken your rescue medication. (Sometimes, family members don't like to ask if you've taken your medication because it feels bossy, etc.)  


Loved ones can remind you that these attacks DO stop, and it won't last forever, and that they will "stand it" with you--because you can stand it, you have endured them and you might need to be reminded of that.


Tell your loved ones any other things that are particularly helpful or unhelpful to you when in a panic attack. 


Remember that for those who haven't had a panic attack, they may not really get it, but they probably are trying to be helpful. Help them to be more helpful to you in your recovery.  

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