Apps for ACT and Mindfulness

Posted on 08/11/2015 11:47:00 AM

In all IOP groups, we discuss the concept of mindfulness.  We often practice this skill in group, but in order to be proficient in this skill, it is something to be practiced regularly. Both of these apps are available for apple and android. 

The National Center for Telehealth and Technology has two more apps. First, there isMindfulness Coach. These apps were made with veterans in mind, and while some of the material is related to veterans' issues, such as PTSD, the material is still helpful. The app explains what mindfulness is, why practice is important. There are several mindfulness exercises, such as mindful breathing, mindful walking, and emotional discomfort. The app allows you to keep logs and track your progress. It also allows you set reminders to practice. 

The second app is ACT Coach. This is an app for practicing skills which you might be learning in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy groups. This app states this app is best used in conjunction with working with a therapist trained in ACT and in reviewing the app I absolutely agree. 

This app has a lot of information crammed into a little space. You can learn about ACT, practice mindfulness (which are from the Mindfulness Coach), work with your values, track your progress, and use tips, metaphors, and barriers to action. 

Consider using an app such as these to help in your path toward recovery.