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In traditional outpatient psychotherapy, you might see your counselor every other week, weekly, or even twice weekly. Once weekly is typical. In IOP you are in the clinic about 9 hours a week--3 hours a day, 3 days a week. In individual therapy, you learn and interact with only the therapist, but in IOP, you also learn from peers who are in similar situations and further along in their recovery, as well as from experienced clinicians. You get, and give, support to others who are working on similar treatment goals.
Most private insurances do cover Intensive Outpatient treatment. Medicare and Tricare do not cover IOP but do pay for psychotherapy groups. Midvalley offers such groups. LEARN MORE (This will link to Patient services Group therapy--it's still Coming Soon but that is where it will go). Call your insurance provider to confirm benefits, or call our office for general help understanding how insurances typically cover IOP. Midvalley Healthcare recommends you verify your benefits prior to starting IOP.
Most clients attend Intensive Outpatient about six to eight weeks to get the full benefit of treatment. Clients typically attend 3 days a week, and each treatment day is for 3 hours. Groups take 1-2 breaks.
Depending on which treatment program you are in, groups are typically Monday, Wednesday and either Thursday or Friday; or, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Groups are 9-noon, 1-4 pm, or 4:30-7:30 pm.
Yes; however, each insurance company has unique guidelines. Sometimes, your doctor will prefer you see only our medication management team while in IOP. We encourage a release of information so we have permission to communicate with your ongoing prescribing physician.
Yes. We strongly encourage you to stay with your primary therapist while attending Intensive Outpatient to continue working on issues which may not be addressed in IOP. Further, you can get extra support toward developing coping skills focused on in IOP.
Sometimes people come to Midvalley Healthcare directly from a behavioral health inpatient setting and they may not have a therapist or psychiatrist in the community. If you don't have these providers when you start IOP, we will provide these for you at Midvalley. A key component of recovery is having a therapist and medication management provider established prior to discharging from IOP. So, we will work with you to ensure those supports are in place.
The cap is 12 people, but most of the time, group is 4-5 people, plus the clinician.
Yes. We strongly encourage family (family is a loose term to include the people you count on most for support--a spouse, best friend, a cousin, adult children, parents, etc.) to attend family support groups which happen weekly. Family learns skills to help support you in your recovery.

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