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Procrastination and Self-Compassion

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In CBT we work on reasons we procrastinate. We talk about how we get overwhelmed by trying to do the whole instead of breaking it down into manageable chunks, feeling too much pressure/pushing from others so we dig in our heels, we get overwhelmed by perfectionism, etc. In this recent article from The Greater Good Science Center, we learn about having more self-compassion. The article has several helpful tips and videos about self-compassion as it relates to decreasing levels of stress...
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A few months ago in group, we were talking about different things we find relaxing. We probably were in Coping group, working on distress tolerance. One group member suggested using A.S.M.R. I had never heard of such a thing. ASMR, a phenomenon called autonomous sensory meridian response, or A.S.M.R., designed to evoke a tingling sensation that travels over the scalp or other parts of the body in response to auditory, olfactory or visual forms of stimulation.Come to find out, youtube i...
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Did you know that drug overdoses kill more people than falling, guns or even traffic accidents? The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a teen section aimed at providing teenagers with good scientific information, such as this fact about deaths in the US.    If you work with teenagers, or are a parent, this website and the blog for teens, is an excellent resource. There are articles about  tobacco use, spice, video game addiction, and stimulant use for improving gr...
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