MidValley Healthcare Can Help You Reach a Healthier Happier You!

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MidValley Healthcare Can Help You Reach a Healthier Happier You!

Since the inception of this center, MidValley Healthcare has been dedicated to providing adults with treatment of addictions and mental health. Our mission is to provide effective behavioural health services in a safe and supportive environment to help you take your life back. We strive to empower through education, answered questions, medication management, personalized treatment plans and positive support.

Services Offered at MidValley Healthcare

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
We offer Neurostar TMS Therapy which is a non-drug, non-invasive therapy using pulse magnetic field to treat depression in adults.
Group Psychotherapy
This therapy exists in a group setting and focuses on teaching about mental illness, addiction, and how they co-exist. We will build motivation, communication, and healthy boundary skills.
Medication Management
MidValley Healthcare can help manage medications to alleviated symptoms of withdrawal, treat depression, anxiety, and more.
Mental Health and Individual Psychotherapy
We can treat behavioral health symptoms using counseling and medication management, educating to develop coping skills, teaching how to be mindful and to communicate more effectively, and encouraging to live life as a happier healthier you.
Co-occurring Disorders
MidValley Healthcare can treat those who’s alcohol and drug usage co-occurs alongside their behavioral health issues. For example, severe depression may lead to severe alcohol consumption.
Chemical Dependency
MidValley Healthcare providers use Suboxone therapy to assist in the recovery process for those suffering from Opioid addiction. Our team of professionals help to build positive support and healthy life styles for continued success in recovery.

We contract with most commercial and government health plans, including Medicare and Tricare.

Contact us today to find out how MidValley Healthcare can help you reach a healthier, happier you!

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